Friday, February 04, 2011

My LTE about the Newman scandal

Published in the Hutchinson Leader
From Hal Kimball

If you believe Sen. Newman's story, then I heard about the Minnesota Nurses Association e-mail before the senator. According to the Star Tribune, Newman stated that “he had first heard of the e-mail early Tuesday morning.”

He first heard of the e-mail Tuesday morning? Really?

I knew about it around noon on Monday, when a Star Tribune reporter asked me questions about the MNA endorsement and if any donations from the MNA followed. The same Star Tribune reporter had stated that he called to seek comment from the senator on Thursday, several times on Friday, and several times on Monday. A similar story was relayed to me via a Pioneer Press reporter who called Tuesday morning after the AP filed a story.

Again, I find it very difficult to believe that Sen. Newman didn’t know about this e-mail for five days.
It’s time for Sen. Newman to come clean. His constituents in Senate District 18 are waiting.

Edtor’s note: Hal Kimball was the DFL candidate for the Senate District 18 seat in last fall’s election.

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