Sunday, November 26, 2006

Hypocracy 101

Democrats got a lot of guff for electing urban legislators to the leadership posts in both the House and Senate. Pogemiller and Kelliher were labeled polarizing figures by the GOP. Both have expressed a geniune intent to work with the Governor on accomplishing the work of the people, something that has been lacking in recent legislative history.

What do the GOPers do? Recently, they elected Tom Emmer to a leadership position in the house. We have lobbied Emmer a few times on Education issues. He will most likely not get endorsed by any education friendly group anytime soon. He also advocated for chemical castration for sex offenders and photo id's for voting.

It's politics as usual, expect...

I never saw the DFL call out Emmer and other GOP leaders on being polarizing figures. I believe he will be a significant polarizing figure in the upcoming Legislative session.

Watch out for Mr Emmer, it will be an entertaining capitol session for sure!

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