Saturday, November 25, 2006

Schoolsgiving, Editorial in the Hutchinson Leader

Let's get to the point, once again, Matt McMillan and Doug Hannemann are spot on in their analysis.

This time, its about school funding.

The editorial points out that in 2001, the state cut local property taxes going for schools and took over paying for schools. It (the state, those elected officals some of us voted for in November), would use general fund monies to pay for our schools and create more equity in the system.

Indeed, they are correct. Some of us on the campaign trail talked about working to create a more equitable funding model for our schools.



Steve Dille...not at all!

Some of us recognize the importance of ensuring that schools in Greater Minnesota are funded at levels to provide quality education opportunities.

With the failure of the Dassel Cokato levy, the school will be forced to cut another $300,000. This, after cutting more than $700,000 over the past couple of years.

Glencoe Silver Lake is in the same boat. They have made enormous cuts over the past several years and will be forced to make more cuts after their levy failed.

A review of the Hutch Leader's summary of levies indicates that ACGC failed (1364-1551), DC failed (2217-2427), Glencoe Silver Lake failed twice (1152-1220 and 2090-2568), Howard Lake Waverly Winsted passed (1601-1375), Hutchinson failed (1867-3498), and McLeod West failed once and is set for another vote (674-866). Annandale passed a levy this past November as well.

We heard a lot about conservative values and accountability while out campaigning.

"If you are worried about all of these extra requests from schools for money, it is time to ask your state senator or state representative how much failure of this state experiment we need to see before it is expelled."

I could not agree more! Hold your elected officials accountable.

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