Friday, December 01, 2006

The Global economy

I was at the Holiday in Annandale about a half hour ago when a big train came thought town. Other than a train derailment in the late 1980's, train traffic through town seldom draws any attention.

Standing their, paying for my 2 for $2 Pepsi's I, and others in line, notice the train that is stacked with shiping containers that all say CHINA on the side and have what I would assume to be Chinese writing on the side.

"What's in those containers?" asked the cashier.

"Our economy!" I stated.

This train was literally stacked front to back, three containers stacked with these cargo containers. The last two cars had a mix of Costco stuff too.

It's the first time I really noticed that and it was troublesome.

Slowly but surely, we are downsizing small town businesses, farmers are having more difficulty competing in the global economy, the soul of America is slowly being eroded in the global economy.

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