Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Gophers

Friday night, beyond cooking some world class stir fry and sipping on some yummy cocktails, I was glued to the TV watching the news on Saddam. Therefore, I missed out on the Gophers football game.

Jason and I talked later in the night, after Matt called him to tell him how impressive the Gophers were, being ahead 35-7 at halftime. I was just as shocked at Jason.

I never checked out the score again...until I picked up the Strib on Saturday morning.

Wow...Fire Glen Mason now! The Gophers collapsed...lost 44-41 in overtime.

So Sid Hartman devoted about 4 column inches, of his 100, to talking about the Gopher debacle. He's the biggest Mason apologist around.

He also wrote about the Twins Stadium problems to acquire the land for the stadium.

Ah Sid...just stop!

At least the Huskies won (swept a tourney) again!

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