Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A hodgepodge blog

I am not happy with Allen Iverson going to Denver instead of the Wolves. I am even more upset that Joe Smith was trade fodder for Denver than helped bring the most exciting basketball player on the planet to Denver.

I do not like Joe Smith, he almost killed this franchise, along with the wizardry of Kevin McHale. Seeing Smith's name in the Iverson trade was just salt on old T-Wolve wounds.

Brad Radkte retired today. It is sad to see him go. He was one heck of a pitcher for the Twins for 12 years. My only Twins jersey I have ever owned is Radke, 22. He will be missed.

Thanks for the great run B-Rad!

Since I am talking about the Twins, I found out on Sunday that Dori's grandma, Dorothy, is an avid Twins fan.

The Enterprise Dispatch had a fun story about Dori's grandma!

By the way, I love banana bread!

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