Wednesday, December 27, 2006

A local twist on smoking bans

Talk of smoking bans a flying around the media and the blogosphere. At work tonight, I was listening to 100.3, KTLK...conservative talk radio. Thanks to my avid reader who called me to tell me Tom Emmer would be on. It was an interesting show.

Sue Jeffers and Dan Codrie were on with him. Emmer was interesting to say the least. Sue was beaming over the Emmer letter, published widely.

She scolded any anti-smoking callers citing her references yet called coffee more dangerous than cigarettes as "19 of 20 chemicals in coffee kill rats".

Where is the scientific support on that Sue? Are you saying second hand smoke has no effect on people? It's not harmful? See here...ah heck...don't make me post a few hundred links that tell us the peril of second hand smoke. Are we really going through this debate?

Hutchinson recently passed a ban on smoking in public areas in the city as well. Unless it is challegened in court, highly unlikely, it will begin this summer.

Meeker County has a current ban that is highly popular, with almost 3/4 of registered voters surveyed in September were in support.

The only thing that gets anything close to 75% support in Meeker County is Steve Dille. Trust me, I know.

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