Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Mark Olson's crazy defenders are coming out...

Or, at least one of them!

Archie from Coon Rapids
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Comment Posted: 12/11/2006 6:50:45 PM

To Cloud res:
The fourth largest income are is Murderapolis, The large income is re-distributed at even a higher rate. Or are we to assume that the gay society enjoys the highest income group with the lowest income, that being $50,000 per year, There is nothing worse than a Marxist with money.
The Marxist's that now run Murderapolis has the dream to turn the once beautiful , and economically responsible City of Minneapolis into a second Gay bay , now there is no argument with that is there Cloudy? The gays run the city, especially the Fire department. a recent picture showed over 20 of those little boys with lipstick all cuddled together. I will bet the straight firemen hate going to work.

Wow...thanks for exposing the gay agenda! I'd be the first to tell you to get off my team, but since...nevermind.

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