Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Minnesota's GOP leaders on Global warming

From the Strib.

On global warming, Pawlenty noted that "Minnesotans did not create this problem, nor can we solve it by ourselves." But he said the state can take "reasonable and fair steps" to cut greenhouse gases, including a requirement that electric utilities offset carbon emissions from new fossil-fuel generation plants.

Bachmann? I think most of us already know what the Congresswoman elect thinks of global warming, but here goes!

“Global warming is something that’s talked a lot about and has been for the last probably twenty years and I remember the covers of some of our news magazines …our weekly news magazines that said that we were coming into an ice age that was in the 1970s and scientists felt that we were coming into global cooling not global warming, then scientists said that we were going into global warming, they backed off of that and said we were going into global cooling, now we’re back into some scientists talking for global warming. I don’t think that it has been established yet as a fact that global warming is the issue of the day and one thing we need to do is look at the science.” Courtesy of MN Publius

Hey Michelle! How much snow do you remember when you were a little girl? I am 15 years your junior and I recall significant amounts of snow, some by now, some later...but I recall cold and snowy winters.

It's mid December in MN. We have no snow on the ground as we speak and the temp will probably hit 40 tomorrow.

Global warming? A serious energy plan that embraces renewable energy sources in a holistic approach to energy and global warming is the correct answer.

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