Monday, December 18, 2006

The weekend...

Candi (my sister) made the comment that this blog is a bit too serious. She liked the day to day exploits of the campaign blog with the mix of seriousness.

So, I will try to have some more light moments here as well, although I have a lot of fun with all of it.

The weekend was very good. Candi and I schemed for a few weeks as to what to do for my mom's 59th birthday (she drove the car for our parades). We came up with Candi, her husband Jay, and their not as crazy chocolate lab Jake, coming down to suprise our mom while working at the Kimball Post Office.

While Candi was getting all the glory, I was slaving away baking a cake! Yeah, German Chocolate with coconut frosting. What can I say...I can cook!

Needless to say, mom was not suprised, too much though.

Hint #1: Hal cleaned a bathroom

Hint #2: Candi asked if mom was still on the phone.

Mom's just know this stuff...they can sense when their kids are full of crap. She's had me figured out for 35 years!

Candi brought shrimp and chicken to bake while I made a stir fry with fresh veggies and beef. A three animal dinner! While we can debate what portion was better...we all know.

Cutting veggies, steaming and frying everything up...frying up beef...


Setting the oven to 425 and wating for 30 minutes...

We all know the answer to this question.

Mid way through the festivities, Dori joined the frey and outdid me on the birthday card. Anyone who knows my mom, knows her fondness for turtles. Dori found a turtle card...I think it was for a 6 year old...but I was outdone nonetheless!

Dinner was good, mixing my sister and girlfriend is a potential molatav cocktail of stories, but it was just fine once again!

The evening continued with a Trek...not Hollidazzle in the cities. Despite the sewer gas eminating from the area in front of us, it was a cool parade. Nice weather, lots of people, and a really cool bus.

Plus, Santa was there.

After a nice drive down Summit to see X-Mas lights, and not flip off the Governor's mansion, the trek was complete. Despite some restlessness in the was all good!

Home for cake (which I made) and ice cream...and Candi telling me what happened on the Duel, since I was watching it intently anyway, she felt the need to tell me the ending.

I won't share the ending to the Fighting Sioux season, but I think it may be at the hands of the #6 ranked Huskies.

Sunday...another fun and active day.

I was up and out the door by 11! Shocking for a Sunday...

Had lunch at Dori's parents place, ham, corn, mashed taters and gravy...mmmmmmm

Her grandparents were there as well. It was a good time...I could see the TV from the dinner table but the Vikes were pathetic.

I kept myself under wraps for the game. Not too many outbursts...until Jackson came into the game at QB.

After the fun at Dori's parents house, we went to St Cloud so Dori could finish X-Mas shopping. For the record, I have not started yet...

A stop at the Mall and a few other places, and a bit of food at Erberts and Gerberts, the weekend ended in a success.

Back to the grind I go! I promise to write more fun stuff too...

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