Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The winds of change for the war in Iraq

Before the election, it was a complete "stay the course" mentality from the GOP and the Bush Administration. You may recall that the day after the Democrats seized control of both the House and the Senate, that Rumsfeld resigned.

Despite pledges to "no timetables" and statements such as "we will win in Iraq as long as we stay in Iraq", it seems that the Democratic takeover has pushed the GOP and Bush Administration to take some measures before the January session of Congress.

Generals are now talking of turning over portions of Iraq by as early as March 2007!

Henry Kissinger came out weeks ago and talk of the war being unwinnable.

NBC is stating that Iraq is in a civil war.

Robert Gates, the Bush selection for the Secretary of Defense, stated on Capitol Hill today that we are not winning the war in Iraq.

What will happen in Iraq is still up in the air, obviously. 2903 servicemen and women have lost their lives in Iraq since the start of this civil war. 2766 since Mission Accomplished.

The winds of change are blowing hard now because of the grassroots efforts of Americans to fire political leaders who simply would not budge on this issue. Progress towards decreaded involvement are moving forward, because of the Democratic majority that will take hold in January...2903 souls too late.

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