Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Bachmann from the Blog of the Moderate Left

Jeffe Fecke, from his blog, posts...

Biggest Loss for Minnesota Politics


It’s not that Michele Bachmann is my #1 pick for most likely to become the female Bob Dornan. It’s not that Michele Bachmann is certifiably insane. It’s not that Michele Bachmann will likely go clubbing with Marilyn Musgrave and Tom Tancredo.

No, the problem with Bachmann’s election is that someone, somewhere is going to end up thinking all Minnesotans are insane thanks to her. And that just sucks.


Worst Year Politically (Minnesota)


In the end, I couldn’t decide which of these two deserved this more. Both had awesome flameouts. Entenza’s was more public, of course–from presumptive Attorney General nominee to out-of-office nobody in the space of one stupid decision to higher private investigators to investigate Mike Hatch. The DFL and the state dodged a bullet with Entenza’s retirement from the race, as an Entenza-Johnson battle for AG would truly have been a battle of the evil of two lessers.

As for Mikey–what a year it’s been, eh? You start off hot, you’re leaking rumors on your blog that are going directly into the news, you’re slowly but surely developing a reputation as the Matt Drudge of Minnesota, and then what do you do? You make fact-free allegations against Patrick Timmons arguing he’s been trying to hack Mark Kennedy’s site thanks to his horrid decision to actually call and ask questions while clearly identifying himself. This, of course, got every liberal blogger in the state angry at you, and led everyone to realize that you were in reality a GOP party hack. By the end of the cycle, you were reduced to trying to smear Tim Walz based on the omission of one word from a biography, and complaining about a drive-by egging of your house like you were a 93-year-old curmudgeon. And the news coverage isn’t quite flowing from your blog posts like it used to, is it?

Dead on Jeff...

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