Monday, January 08, 2007

Bachmann the taxpayers friend?

In one of Congresswoman Bachamnn's first votes as a National politcal leader, voted against popular "pay as you go" legislation as well as rules that identify sponsors of "pork" legislation.

Bachmann and Kline voted against.

mnpACT! has a post about the vote.

Bachmann claims to be someone who looks out for the taxpayer. In one of her first votes as a Congresswoman, failed to represent the views of the 6th CD.

The Monticello Times covers Bachmann as she states,

"My bottom line is to cut taxes for all Americans, whether it is businesses, singles or family members," Bachmann said. "I want to cut people's taxes, and in order to do that, we have to get a grip on out of control government spending."

Pay as you go legislation is an attempt by the Democrats to get a grip on the out of control nature of government spending. Adding the names of those who sponsor the "pork" legislation is an attempt to create greater accountablilty, transparency in government.

Bachmann, though campaigning as a taxpayers advocate, had an opportunity to support the taxpayer, and failed.

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Anonymous said...

That Bachmann is a hypocrite doesn't really surprise me. I covered her as a reporter/editor for the Stillwater Gazette. She was great at getting attention and not so good at legislating.

The shock here is she didn't even wait a week before saying one thing and doing another. Stunning.