Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Bachmann's support of President draws the ire of St Cloud Times readers

Story Chat at the St Cloud Times site have ripped Congresswoman Bachmann for her support of a short sighted policy in Iraq.

MrAustin from St. Cloud via East Grand Forks
Comment Posted: 1/9/2007 1:23:40 PM
Riddle me this Ms. Bachmann,
If the problem in Iraq is sectarian violence and we understand that term to mean various sects of a larger population fighting one another how possibly could sending more troops "deal a paralyzing blow to terrorist actions against Americans"?


Rush from Spin City Comment
Posted: 1/9/2007 1:57:25 PM
Pro-life bachman sending more troops!!!!!!!!!!!!! Does any one see the irony?

I see the contradiction! Who wants their son or daughter to die in a three sided Iraqi Civil War?

StearnsMomOf3 from St. Cloud
Comment Posted: 1/9/2007 2:14:06 PM
I see that Mrs. Bachmann (like a small MINORITY) is still blindly following our "leader". Send MORE troops into an area that we never should have been in in the first place? Just as Mr. Bush is a disgrace and embarrassment to our country, Mrs. Bachmann is a disgrace and embarrassment to the 6th district.
So Mr. Bush and Mrs. Bachmann since you think it is necessary to send more troops into harms way, when will your children be enlisting? What? You don't want to risk losing your children in a "war" that we have no right or reason to be in? A "war" that we have never had nor ever will have any chance of winning. Well then, why in the h*ll would you even suggest that we send our children? People like this make me ill...how do they sleep at night? Oh that's right, in a warm, comfortable bed...far, far from harm's way.
Thank god we have less than 2 yrs. of this B.S. from BOTH Mr. Bush and Mrs. Bachmann. I don't know about some of the rest of you, but I sure do miss being able to proudly call myself an American.

StearnsMomOf3 from St. Cloud Comment
Posted: 1/9/2007 2:39:12 PM

“and if it would mean dealing a paralyzing blow to terrorist actions against Americans.”

Give it up already Michelle. The American people don't believe that garbage anymore. You are SO out of touch with reality. Sad really.
Perhaps one day soon your husband will come to his senses and realize that Bush is nothing more than a LIAR who is trying to cover up for his idiotic mistakes. Then, being the good "christian" wife that you are, you will be able to be submissive to your husband, and do as he tells you to do. BTW, then you may even be able to get God back on your side as well!

Prof. Plum from Cluesville
Comment Posted: 1/9/2007 2:56:13 PM

Against abortion but for allowing the killing of our American Troops....... cause that is all it will be....... Any follower of the Bush policy on war, will have alot to account for........did anyone hear if Bush's daughter's have been to the recruiting office? All hypocrites!!!!!

To comment on Bachmann's statement that “Increased troop presence is justifiable if that measure would bring a swift conclusion to a difficult conflict,” she said, “and if it would mean dealing a paralyzing blow to terrorist actions against Americans.”

So, if the increased troop presence does not bring forth a swift conclusion to the Iraqi conflict the war was not justifiable? How swift? Like 46 months of conflict in Iraq?

The anti-Bachmann crowd has stung Bachmann once again.

I wonder why no one in the main stream media is convering Bachmann's horrible first week in Congress.

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