Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Boise State football

I had great intentions of going to bed, early last night. A certain spunky team from Boise, Idaho kept that from happening and I am glad. I am glad I stayed up to watch the end of one of the greatest college football games ever. It truly was the best one I have ever watched.

It had everything.

It had a Gopheresque 4th quarter collapse.

It had a coach who had a full play book and used almost every play!

It had a team, depsite having their hearts supposedly ripped out with about a minute left, came back to force an overtime in a game they dominated.

They withstood a 25 yard TD run in OT to force them to match.

And match they did.

A run pass option to force a tie breaking or winning conversion.

Boise, chose to go for the win. Cueing up a little AC DC now...

A statue of liberty play for the 2 point conversion and the greatest win in college football I have ever seen.

So many heroes...and the coach praises...

His back up QB's who have been pressing for those fun OT plays.

This is what the Gophers could be...but have only witnessed from across the field for decades.

What a game!

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