Thursday, January 18, 2007

College Student Relief Act, yet another Bachmann failure

Congress passed the College Student Relief Act today, 356-71. Much of this was in the Budget Reconcilation bill last year that passed Congress and stripped more than $12 billion from Student Loan programs.

MN Publius had a great commentary at the time.

This bill was popular amongst conservative's and liberal's alike. The cuts barely passed last years Congress, and overwhelmingly passed a year later.

Bachmann and Kline made the Minnesota delegation proud by being two of the 71 that voted against our college students. Nice...

Bachmann has obviously become the President's lap dog, similar to Congressman Kennedy's former role, and has done nothing but vote the party line.

Hell, I can't even argue that this vote was by party line. The GOP supported this bill 124-71. Incredible.

While Democrats have had a very successful first 100 hours in Congress, Bachmann has been asleep at the wheel the entire time.

Voted against college students.

Voted against seniors and those suffering from debilitating illness and disease.

Voted against seniors access to affordable prescription drugs.

Voted against homeland security.

Voted against working and middle class Minnesotan's being paid a better wage.

Does not support the families of our deployed MN National Guard men and women.

Lied on her Congressional Bio, failed to have the 6th CD as her District (had a 7th CD map up on her website) and failed to support any pay as you go legislation and pork reform.

Dump Bachmann is done a great job of following this.

To steal a line from Rody Boschwitz,

Michele Bachmann is "Embarassingly Conservative" and has failed her constituents.

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