Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Education needs to be "De-liberalized"

That's why referendums fail, or at least that's what a LTE in the McLeod Chronicle suggests.

So what would a "conservativeized" education look like?

Will I ever vote for a GSL excess levy referendum to increase my already high taxes, when 80 percent of it goes to the overpaid staff, meanwhile, the problem as I see it gets ignored?

If the curriculum isn't de-liberalized, I would just as soon see the statewide public school system "wither on the vine."

So No Child Left Behind is working? A conservative mantra from Day 1. I have said it once, and a million more times over the past several months, we need to reform the funding models for our schools to reduce the levy burdens on Greater Minnesota.

I would like for the letter writer to explain what aspects of the cirriculum need to be de-liberalized.

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