Wednesday, January 17, 2007

McLeod County Chronicle Letter Day!

Our local papers are simply excellent. I love reading the LTE's, seeing what's on the minds of our people. Here is a small sample.

Heidi vanderHagen has an excellent letter on K-12 education and teachers!

GSL teachers have done very well for their students. Somehow, they've managed to graduate 2 percent more students per year than the state average while spending quite a bit less than average.

The average district property tax per household in Glencoe averages $280 per year as compared to the state's average of $521. I would say that Glencoe residents are getting much more than what they're willing to pay for.

As for the Mr. Baldwins, Glenn Gruenhagens and the Tom Russells, I challenge you to name the programs and expenditures that are "waste" and to describe the alternatives that are good for kids.

Excellent points!

Mr. Glennie delivers some points on representatives from GSL and McLeod West, meeting to discuss ways to work together, combine resources and save money.

The pairing of the two districts in curriculum, administration and other programs will lessen the impacts of the proposed budget cuts, and may even eliminate the need for some of the cuts.

In return, McLeod West students can take advantage of the more extensive curriculum and opportunities offered at GSL.

Mr. Glennie also points out that these meetings may have skirted Minnesota's Open Meeting Laws. He correctly asserts that if the people are to trust decisions to be made that benefit our kids and communities, we must allow for public forums and their voice in the process. Open meetings are essential.

Lastly, Brad Englemann writes about Iraq.

Not only has President Bush and his team failed to recognize the mandate
that was given by the voters in the election only two months ago, he has decided
to escalate the war, let alone continue its long failing policy.


I love reading local newspapers!

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