Thursday, January 11, 2007

Minnesota House tax relief ploy

The Minnesota House Republicans attempted to attach numerous amendments to a Federal Tax Complaince bill today.

All amendments failed.

While GOPers are crying foul and calling out Democrats for dismissing campaign promises geared towards fiscal responibility and respecting the minority party, after watching the spitited debate at the Capitol, these cries are weak.

The GOP simply sought to make Democrats look bad today. That was their number one goal.

None of the GOP tax cuts and tax ideas were germane to a Federal Tax compliance bill.

In fact, the House suspended its rules earlier to hear this bill as it was vital to pass it as soon as possible, since Minnesotans can E-file later in the week.

The fiscal considerations of these bills need to be fully weighed against what the other priorities of Minnesotan's are. The fact that the GOP attempted to push these through without public hearings and under the guise of a Federal Tax compliance bill, show the integrity they have for due process.

Rep Mark Olson was actually a champion for due process today. Going after former Speaker Swiggum and other GOPers who were trying to slide their legislation through...

Rep. Shimanski and Rep Urdahl voted the party line the entire day.

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Blue Man,

Maybe you would feel more at home in the 5th. district.

Hal Kimball said...

No, I am fine where I am at. We'll work hard to bring forth the change we need in our district.

BTW, I love the irony of "dare2sayit" and the fact that you dare not post your real name...