Thursday, January 11, 2007

Nick Coleman loves Bachmann!

From the Strib

It starts off light...

Michele Bachmann is the freshman congresswoman who raised eyebrows last fall
when she claimed God had "called" her to run for Congress. I know the Lord moves
in mysterious ways, and I am open to the possibility that divine intervention
helped Republican Bachmann move up from the state Senate to Washington so that
she might stop smiting Minnesota's gays and lesbians and start solving some real

Indeed. Congresswoman Bachmann has been fast at work in DC, so far voting "Nay" on every piece of legislation thus far!

The sarcasm grows!

This is fabulous news. After almost four years of a war that has cost
thousands of lives and seems to be getting worse by the moment, we have
overlooked the obvious solution:

Drop Bachmann on Baghdad! I pray she won't waste another minute booking
a flight.

"I don't believe we have all of the information in front of us," she
recently said. "As a member of Congress, that's why I want to go to Iraq as
quickly as I can. I want to get the best information in front of me."

So, with her lack of information, she chose to follow the Commander in Chief. Who was one physical away from being a National Guard pilot during Vietnam.

She could listen to Senator Coleman...

Or perhaps Bachmann should just give fellow Republican Norm Coleman a call.

Sen. Coleman already has been to Iraq, twice (he made his second visit
last month). He may not know what to do about Iraq, yet. But he knows what not
to do: He says the answer is not to send 20,000 more troops and extend the tour
of 2,600 Minnesota Guard soldiers who thought they were coming home in

All told, perhaps she should seek out Congressman Walz for some advice on the situation. Heck, she can even call me.

And it gets even worse for our soldiers, especially our citizen soldiers.

It seems now that after President Bush, Mr. 3000 as I affectionately call him, sent 21,500 more troops into the fire, the Pentagon announced that it will drop all limits on how long citizen soldiers can fight.

Congresswoman Bachmann remains very supportive of the President, although tempered her support in the face of more and more GOP disgust for the President's plan.

Faced with Bush's decision this week to increase troops to stabilize
violence-torn Baghdad, Bachmann hesitated to give a firm endorsement, calling it
instead "a good first step in explaining to the American people the course
toward victory in Iraq."

Early in the week she said she was open to more troops but wanted more
information, and she disputed news accounts that indicated she supported the
increase. Late in the day Thursday, her spokeswoman, Heidi Frederickson, said,
"If Michele had to vote on it, it would be yes, to support."

It's been a great start to the Congressional career of Michele Bachmann...

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