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SC Times covers the tragedy as well

From the SC Times

Schulze's father and stepmother, Marianne Schulze, who live in rural Stewart, said their son would still be alive if the VA had acted on his pleas for admittance. They said they heard him tell VA staff in St. Cloud that he felt suicidal — in person Jan. 11 at the hospital, and over the phone Jan. 12.

What will Rep Shimanski do? What will Senator Dille do? Will they spearhead efforts with the VA? It's horrible that a tragic event must occur before our elected leaders begin to address the issues at hand.

Will Congresswoman Bachmann do anything on a national level to raise this issue to promience on the floor of the House. I am sure Congressman Walz will do it!

Story Chat has no sympathy for the VA leadership, and rightfully so by all accounts.

holeymoley from huh
I am speechless. This young man served our counrty, fought for people he didn't
even know. AND the a%%holes he went to talk too at the VA would not help him.,
There was no room............... Well folks working at the VA"S if it was not for these men and women you would not have a job. You should treat these men and women as if they were related to you, part of your family.
Maybe you need more staff, maybe more room... whatever.... these men and women deserve our attention and respect.

Benway from Sauk Rapids
Yes, it is sad that a young man took his life. These are always sad and tragic occurances whether a person is a soldier or not. But this time it is different as it
is part of a growing trend and I believe accountability is neccessary in order to avoid the trend from continuing.Increasing stresses on U.S. soldiers and veterans of the conflict from prolonged and multiple tours of duty seems to be the biggest factor. In the most telling statistic, the suicide rate among soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistannearly doubled in 2004 from 2003, and has nearly doubled again this past year. This is a trend that requires examination and action to prevent the trend from escalating further

Since a majority of citizens now realize that not only was the war a mistake in the first place, but the US was ill-equipped to handle a prolonged presence in Iraq which has resulted in 2 and 3 and even 4 tours of duty, the administration is very much culpable in the suicides (as well as the homicides) occuring among our troops.
I don't mean to politicize this, but this is avery troubling situation. And it is only going to get worse if we do not do all we can to support the mental well-being of our soldiers. Billions have been "lost" by Halliburton, while billions are not going to where it should: to the aid of our troops--in Iraq and here when they return home.
And do I place blame on the Bush administration for these tragedies. Yes, I do.

my thinking from around here
Third try now to post here... Benway, how right you are. I had written similar things and they did not get posted here. We need to know how the two people who disregaraded this Marines cry for help came to this conclusion. This is #1. If it is the way the VA's are being handled now then it was them doing what they are told. If NOT then they need to be held responsible for their decisions. This is the first thing that needs to be addresses

Number two is, funding for the VA's across the country has been funded when they already were underfunded before the war and our people coming back needing medical care. BLAME the one cutting the funding for this boys death IF the people he talked to were following VA rules. Funding is of importance to keeping the VA's going and able to treat all coming home with out them being in a waiting line. The waiting line the last years has been long so I cant imagine what its like now.
How can you say support the troops if they are not getting support when they get home in what ever way they need it. Support the war does not mean you are the only one supporting the troops.
I support these people on duty and respect them. I support them when they come home and need help. Does the gov support them when they get home ?? NO, not in many ways. So becasue I dont support the war... it means nothing that I do support those over there and when they come home.
Support the troops in Iraq and other places, keep them safe , give them what they need to keep safe but support them when they get home Mr. Bush and company so they get the medical care and other things they need to get back to civilian life. Dont forget them becasue they are not active military any more. Stop the cuts to the VA's and other cuts to these people
I hope the times paper will keep us updated as to the two people that this Marine talked to. What does the VA say about how they handled this?? What are the policys of admittance or evaluation when some one shows up??? Why wasnt he transfered some place else for care now until they could get him in?? Does the St.Cloud hosptial refuse patitents for Mental health concerns from the VA?
St/Cloud hospital has an agreement, or did when my hubby was at the VA to take VA patients when necessary. The way the vets are treated or we were was terriable. I just has to state that in case they do take some yet from the VA. My hubbywas told he didnt belong there and I was to remove him. The VA here did get him moved to Mpls but they were given a time limit. In the meantime no one did cares
for him and he just lay there for a day. How cruel for a dying man. I am a retired nurse and did what i could for him physicaly. Iv never forgiven the Dr. nor the hospital for treating a vet as bad as they did. I dont care if he was old vet or not.

I am saddened by the events surrounding this story. It speaks to the enormous anxiety felt by Veterans across this nation. It just so happens that it has been witnessed first hand here in Minnesota now. Suicide rates for Vets in the Iraq War are more than twice that of the typical society. PTSD rates are significantly higher as well.

The fact that 25 veterans were ahead of him on a waiting list for care is absurd. The stories are real. I heard them first hand while I was on active duty, out speaking on Veterans issues across the state, and out on the campaign trail.

We like to put the yellow ribbon on the SUV and say we support our troops. A yellow ribbon did nothing for this young Marine. This young Marine needed help.

I was a soldier for a long time. I counseled a lot of young troops in my day. Our soldiers and Veterans do not complain. They don't bitch about the knee problems we all have, we don't bitch about the time spent away, we are trained to "suck it up and drive on".

When a solider does come forward to ask for help, they should be immediately met with outstanding service and great compassion, for those working in the VA would not be there without the Vets they take care of.

Obviously someone messed up here. One person most likely made this mistake. I know the vast majority of primary care people at the VA are amazing people. I spent some time with many of them years ago.

With more and more Veterans coming back and needing services, the access to quality care needs to be re-examined with greater emphasis on locally controlled services.

Will our elected officials finally wake up from their per diem increase induced food coma's and see the light of day with Veterans issues?

I'll be tracking what Dille, Urdahl, and Shimanski have to say about the issues.

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