Friday, January 05, 2007

Senator Coleman opposes "surge"

A scroll on CSPAN reports that Senator Coleman opposes any "surge" in US forces in Iraq.

Rep Ron Paul (R) from Texas, just gave a speech on the floor of the House on Iraq. He described being in the Air Force during Vietnam. He spoke of similarities between Iraq and Vietnam. Rep Paul states that during the first 45 months of Vietnam, the casualty figures for US deaths and injuries are hauntingly similar to our first 45 months in Iraq.

After 45 months in Iraq, President Johnson proposed significant troop increases to "win in Vietnam". The same rhetoric eminates from Washington at this time.

We face many politcal and economic pressures with the civil war in Iraq. The stakes are high. Oppose the President's "plan"?

You're Fired!

We have gone 45 months in Iraq, under no plan from the GOP. I would be naive to think that Congressmen Ellison and Walz and Senator Klobuchar will be able to impact significant change as first term elected officials.

Congressman Walz has the best shot at this. His passionate nature and subject matter expertise on these issues places him in a prominent position, at the precipice of change.

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