Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Tearing the party apart

The GOP is coming apart at the seams. Listening to some conservative talk show people (Jason Lewis) at work (since AM 950 does not come in, may as well hear what the righties are talkin about, plus it makes me work faster!), many are calling the modern GOP a dead party.

It's splintering before our eyes.

The religious right is taking the social conservatives with them.

Fiscal conservatives are fleeing as the GOP has become a Big Government party as well.

Andy at Residual Forces has taken his party to task on numerous occassions, calling for significant reforms.

The GOP has lost their way, it's time for Democrats to step forward and lead...

The Minnesota Senate is moving in this direction.

According to Senator Clark, the following issues will be brought forward through bills in the coming days.

• Limits on new school levies, to help hold down property taxes.
• A constitutional amendment that establishes a right to affordable health care.
• State subsidies that would allow lower-income parents to send their children to high-quality preschool.
• Dedicated funding for fish and wildlife, parks, trails, environmental protections, the arts and humanities, coming from a three-eighths of 1 percent increase in the state sales tax.

It's early, but it's a start...

More to follow as session begins.

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