Monday, January 29, 2007

Vote Vets event in the Twin Cities

I recieved an email yesterday afternoon about the event but was unable to make it. Check out what went down in the cities today.

"He has no problem saying he is against the escalation in Iraq," said Jon Soltz, national chairman of, and who served as a U.S. Army captain in Iraq from May to September 2003. "But he has not voted to oppose the escalation."

The national ad features six Iraq combat veterans, arguing that the troop buildup goes against the wishes of "two-thirds of the American people, a bipartisan majority in Congress, the Iraq Study Group and veterans like us." It ends with Robert Loria,an Army veteran who lost his arm in an explosion in Baghdad in 2004. "If you support escalation, you don't support the troops," Loria says in the ad.

The group has targeted Senator Coleman and others that say they support the troops but support the surge/escalation as well.

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