Friday, February 23, 2007

An Al Franken onslaught

For those that stop by Minnesota Democrats Exposed, Michael has taken a great deal of time to go after Al Franken!

I find it very Tim Walz and Keith Ellison esque, don't you?


tom said...

And, my word, if those two didn't win. said...

When I was listening to talk radio, I caught Franken's show often. He's someone that should scare a lot of people. Discredit him for whatever now...but when that first debate is over with, there will be a lot of tears to be shed.

He's so in tune with his rap on every issue, and you can bet that he'll have a full arsenal of facts to expose Norm Coleman for the shill that he certainly is.

Coleman falls into the category just below Lindsey Graham and Susan Collins...I hold both of them in higher regard, but he's certainly above Ted Stevens, James Inhofe and Pete Sessions...that comes from my viewing of CSPAN on the TV and on the net over the years, where Coleman will sometimes show up in a thoughtful way, though it seems like every time he impresses me, within a week he's out there acting like a soldier, talking nonsense on the Senate floor about something of great significance.

He shares with Graham, I feel, the true desire to be himself and dance his own drummer, but time and time again he simply gave in and did what he was told.

Minnesotta deserves a leader in that position who will do more than act as a robot. The state loses relevance in the national debate by reelecting Coleman.

The question I'd pose to voters is whether they want to cast their vote for representation in the Senate or whether they want to simply hand over their franchise to the national Republican party?