Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Mighty Marty writes, when he should legislate.

GOP bloggers are applauding the work of Rep. Marty Seifert, after he ranted on 70 some odd things the DFL messed up in the first month of session.

It's a good thing Minnesota Republican Watch is back up and running!

Check out this, this, and this.

As well as this and this.

All this whining from the GOP minority leader. No one likes a whiny leader.

I guess Rep Seifert is anti...

Standards in health and physical education classes.

Saving money and finding a better way to help businesses.

Perhaps, now this may be a stretch, Rep Seifert should work on the important legislative issues and work to build a consensus, as opposed to pushing sides further apart with his incessant whining.

It's too bad too. I lobbied Marty on several higher ed bills in the past few years. He seemed to be a nice level headed leader, and now...

Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

This, GOPers, is YOUR House minority leader. With more gems like this, the gap in 08 will be bigger for the GOP to overcome.

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