Sunday, February 18, 2007

Mac Hammond LTE's in the Startribune

The Strib had some interesting LTE's today, some defending Hammond and others taking him to task.

Mr Johnson from Big Lake stated in his LTE that the people were after Hammond because of how much money he makes. I disagree. It's not about how much money he's making, it's about how someone with no religious training at all (Bachelors degree in English from VMI) twists biblical passages in order to benefit his ventures. I honestly could care less about how much money Hammond makes. Let's examine the use of his pulpit for political purposes. Let's examine the allegations that he forces LWCC employee's to tithe and maniuplates bible passages to guilt the remainder of his congregation to do so.

One LTE calls those of us who embrace being liberal and the concept of accountability as "anti-God". I love how conservatives, the religious right, loves to hijack the morality/religion/faith areas in our lives when in fact, those that preach so high and mighty on these issues, seem to fall from grace very quickly.

Ted Haggard anyone?

Two LTE's go another way with Hammond though.

Nothing illustrated the poverty of the "Prosperity Gospel" more clearly than
Mac Hammond's own dismissive remark, "It's impossible to bless someone else or be a blessing if you have nothing to bless them with."

This must come as a big shock to the millions of faithful around the world who
venerate Mother Teresa as a model of Christian love.

As a semi-regular viewer of Mac Hammond's televised Sunday services, I am more
concerned by his politics than his finances. Three weeks ago, he told us to "wake up, (Iraq) had WMDs, they just sent them to Syria before we got there."
Then we learned that the time for diplomacy with Iran is over. The United States
should preemptively strike before Iran kills us first. And the congregation shouted "Amen!"

Sounds like the drumbeat of war that got us into Iraq.

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Sarah said...

Thanks for highlighting that this wolf in sheep's clothing has no religious training. This is a crucial piece to understanding imposters like him.
I am married to a seminary student, and after watching his insane workload over the past four years; it absolutely INFURIATES me that someone with no training can lead (or mislead, as it were) a congregation like MacHammond does. Biblical interpretation, pastoral care, writing sermons and everything else that goes into pastoring is absolutely something one MUST receive training for. Whenever someone encounters a religious right wing nut, or is seeking out a church to attend, I encourage them to look at the pastor’s credentials 1st.
Ironically, all of our well meaning liberal (and I fancy myself pretty left of center too ☺) atheist and agnostic friends make the same fundamental error as MacHammond. When they talk of religion, they frequently cross the line from making observations or offering opinions to critiquing religion. I try to gently point out that I or my husband are willing to answer any questions to the best of our abilities, but as they are often A.) Unfamiliar with the tradition they are critiquing and/or B). Have no training in the matter they had better either study up on the subject or cease stating opinions as facts. One person I encountered online stated “the fact that they had been on this earth with their eyes open is enough to be able to critique religion”! This is basically akin to me stating that “ Since I have frequently traveled by plane, I understand the physics of what makes the plane stay up, and am ready to discuss such matters with anyone schooled in physics”
Anyhow, thanks for your entry☺