Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Mark Olson: Justice delayed

A LTE in the SC Times this morning hits Representative Mark Olson for contradictions between his personal life and his campaign rhetoric.

First he asked for a new arraignment to start the process all over again. When that was denied, he asked for a trial date in June, after the legislative session was over. The judge offered him three trial dates, one in March, April and May. Olson took the last one.

His efforts seem to be aimed at delaying the inevitable ethics investigation and his possible expulsion until the next session in January, rather than bringing this matter to a close and moving on.

... Olson ran on the issues of personal integrity and responsibility for one's actions. It's past the time for him to apply this slogan to himself.

Indeed. Responsibility and accountability seem to have been lost with some of our elected leaders. Perhaps Olson sees the writing on the wall and is delaying the inevitable? Who knows, but in the meanwhile, constituents in our area suffer, while a legislator flops in limbo.

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