Monday, February 05, 2007

School funding issues

The funding of our schools and the levies that have failed in recent years, is getting greater attention in the local media.

Last week, the McLeod County Chronicle had editorials that discussed the plight of the Glencoe Silver Lake School district, and even covered the first open meeting that discussed the possibility of a merger or merging of services with McLeod West.

Mr Glennie cuts to the chase and states that the school board must simply tell the voters what is needed to maintain high quality education in the GSL district.

The Dassel Cokato School District, also facing budgetary issues, held a public forum to discuss the budgetary issues. It was a well attended event within the community and administrators, teachers, parents, and citizens alike shared their views on the situation.

The PTA asked for feedback and detailed questions so that they can research these issues and provide the public with quality and factual information on school levies and the impact on the DC district.

Perhaps forums such as this could enlighten voters in the GSL district as to the impact of cuts to their schools. I'll keep my eyes and ears open, I'd love to attend an event such as this.

Have Urdahl, Dille or Shimanski offered any bills yet for some financial relief in our schools?

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