Sunday, February 25, 2007

Who's behind the pipeline?

Need some more info on these cool cats that are pushing this pipeline down our collective throats?

Here you go!

Koch Industries indicted on 97 counts of violating federal clean air and hazardous waste laws.
"Companies that produce dangerous pollutants simply cannot focus on profit and
efficiency at the expense of a community's health," said Lois Shiffer, Assistant
Attorney General in charge of the Justice Department's Environment and Natural
Resources Division. "We will continue to find and prosecute those who would
flout our environmental laws."

More violations and fines paid out by Koch.
For Koch Industries, the amounts of money it can save by sabotaging
environmental rules make the sums diverted to the think tanks that do the dirty
work pale in comparison. The year 2000 was particularly rough for the Kochs. In
January, Koch Industries agreed to pay about $35 million for violations of the
Clean Water Act related to 310 oil spills in six states. Two months later, Koch
admitted to environmental violations at its oil refinery in Rosemount,
Minnesota, and was forced to cough up another $8 million in penalties. Then in
July, it agreed not only to spend about $80 million to cut emissions from its
Rosemount facility and from two other refineries in Texas, but also to pay a $1
million fine for air-pollution violations.

They pay big amounts of money for their media/pr spin!
Koch's track record on the environment includes the largest pollution penalty
ever assessed by the Environmental Protection Agency, as well as lawsuits over
groundwater pollution in Minnesota, escaping benzene gas in Texas and oil leaks
in six states.

Even Janet Reno drilled them hard, pun intended.

"This record civil penalty will put those who transport hazardous materials on notice -- you cannot endanger public health or the environment," said Attorney General Janet Reno. "We will not let you foul our water and spoil our land by breaking the law."

"Ties that bind".

Company execs have given almost a half million dollars to Republican's and to President Bush.
During the 1990s, the company's leaky pipelines were responsible for more
than 300 oil spills in five states, prompting a penalty of $30 million.

In 1996, a faulty pipeline caused an explosion outside of Dallas in which
two teenagers were killed. In a lawsuit related to the deaths, a trial court
returned a judgement of $376.69 million against the company.

Anna Nicole Smith even filed a lawsuit against the company.

We could seriously go on and on...and we probably will.

It is my belief that people need to know who is building this pipeline in our backyards. For the most part, the mainstream media has failed in its role to provide unbiased coverage of the pipeline discussion.

I admit, I am biased. I am biased towards ensuring that Minnesotans have a full and fair opportunity to discuss the pipeline, without being coerced into supporting it.

This is our powerline people, time to step up and make our voices heard.

It's time to fight.

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