Sunday, March 25, 2007

Another weekend of sports

My Friday night was consumed by a bad SCSU hockey game and a few NCAA games.

It was one heck of a good run, heard that Nodl will be coming back next year and I am hopeful that Gordon comes back too!

Saturday consisted of watching Winona's incredible streak end in one of the craziest ending I have ever seen in College Basketball, a few hockey games (man the Gophers came close to choking that one away), a few NCAA games, and the Minnesota High School Tourney.

That Buffalo game may have been the best high school basketball game I have ever seen. Both teams in the 4A matchup last night were relentless. There was about a 5 minute stretch where the two teams just exchanged three pointers in a fashion I have never witnessed before.

I feel pretty confident in saying that it was the best basketball played in that arena this year...the Wolves have been horrible.

Nick Guida, the Buffalo coach, kind of resembled a Sergeant Nick Guida I had at Fort Lewis, Washington many years ago. Odds are that it's not the same guy though.

Anyway, maybe some more NCAA games today along with the epic North Dakota / Minnesota battle...I guess I am a No Dak fan today!

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Aaron said...

The Buffalo game was amazing and the shooting was ridiculous. Would you consider exchanging links? I run a community site for Buffalo as well as a blog. State game recap and links to photos can be found at: . Email if interested. Thanks!