Friday, March 23, 2007

Bachmann comments on Wonkette

Man, I work early and late, double shifts for a week, and I miss all this fun stuff.

The comments at Wonkette are the best political entertainment one can get in a day, other than a live Presidential address.

"Minnesota's 6th Congressional Member?"

"Observant viewer of the news?"

Ben, err..."St. John's political science student," tighten up on the lexicon! Shit. Reading your letter is about as intelligible as my dog is when I put him on the phone.

I did not notice that the first time. Good catch!

Looks like you only have to be semi-literate to attend St. Johns University.
Can't help but wonder whether any of the kid's professors has seen this gem.
Contrarily forgetful,
Does that apply to St Ben's as well?

I never can recall a local politician who has been scrutinized as much as this
Uhm, how about that OTHER Minnesota Rep? The Muslim one all the Publicans are shitting their pants about and calling a terrorist? I'm sure I speak for the majority of people when I say that I'm not bothered by Bachmann's organ-harvesting baby farm.
On a semi-serious note, anybody else struck by how odd her 'family' is? She has like 2 dozen babies, and her 'husband' helps cure people of the ghey. Overcompensating? Trying to prove something?

Excellent point! Righty blogs carried Keith Ellison tabloid stories everyday!

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