Sunday, March 04, 2007

Bachmann plays dodgeball with the questions

In the greatest of dodgeball tradition, Congresswoman Bachmann is well versed in the 4 D's of dodgeball.





In the past few weeks, the Congresswoman has used each of the 4 D's and the rest of her repertoire to avoid questions around her Iran statements.

The SC Times and Randy Krebs hits right on target today.

First, though, some unsolicited advice to local newsmakers: If you're ever being
pressed to answer questions on a tough issue, just answer them with honesty, sincerity and, oh yes, details.

Silence hurts

Just look at Bachmann.

The first-term Republican was off to a rough start in the House, thanks to partisan sharks and too much PDA (public display of affection) with the president.

But she really got herself stuck in accountability doo-doo these past few weeks by failing to fully and promptly explain comments she made for a Times podcast Feb. 9 about settling the war in Iraq.

When national media picked up on her remarks about 10 days ago, her silence became deafening. And guess what? The issue didn't go away. Finally, on Thursday, she issued a written commentary and participated in an interview with Times reporter Lawrence Schumacher to help explain herself.

Sure, her explanation sounded too much like "well, I read it on the Internet," than what I'd expect from a member of Congress. But at least she stopped dodging the issue.

I'm no political expert, but speaking strictly as a voter, her reputation would have been damaged much less with immediate answers instead of silence. She really would have gained my respect had she come out and said the most-feared words in politics — "uh, well, I'm sorry, but I made a mistake on this one."

Instead, all she really accomplished is guaranteeing that this will be an issue come re-election time.
Indeed Mr. Krebs, it will be a significant issue in 2008. Bachmann supporters are hoping she tames her act and her comments over the next year or so before the real campaigns begin. After all, it's only about a year until we hit precinct caucuses!

Nice work!

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