Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Oh this is fun!

Wonkette cited a LTE in the St Cloud Times as evidence of the first LTE post Frederickson email debacle.

But, it gets better. In the comments section, an astute Wonkette reader points out that the letter writer, Brad Kustermann, is quite possibly the same Brad Kustermann that works as a Legislative Assistant for the Republican Caucus.

I guess he got the Frederickson email.

And one of the better comments...

So... to review:

The Bachmann office sent out e-mails asking (begging) people to write positive stuff about her to offset that whole "evil" thing, and no one responds, so the job gets farmed to a Legislative Assistant in the Minnesota Senate's Republican caucus, who quotes a Democrat (then mistakenly labels it as 'Author Unknown'), completely misinterprets the bill, and even (poorly) plays the "democrats aren't democratic" card.

Michelle, sweetie, you can do better than this. You've got big pumps to
fill now that Kitty has left us (for now). Let's up the crazy a bit, 'kay?

I wonder if this employee had the free choice to write this LTE or if some of Bachmann's old cronies are trying to bail her out?

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