Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Confessions of a torturer

A must read. The story of an Army interrogator in Iraq. Wow.
In Fallujah, one of the goals of identifying the corpses was to determine how
many foreigners were involved in the insurgency there. “The army and MI guys
were squeezing everything they could out of these bodies to make them
foreigners. If a guy had a shirt that was made in Lebanon the guy was Lebanese.
If they found a Koran on him that was printed in Algeria then he was Algerian.
If they found currency on him that was Syrian—which wasn’t uncommon because
Iraqi currency was worthless—he was Syrian. So they published those numbers
too—this is how many foreign fighters were among the dead in Fallujah.”

No wonder the figures for insurgents are so high, we make it up!

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