Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Eden Valley and tne MinnCan pipeline

As you know, I have grave concerns over the proposed MinnCan pipeline, which will invade precious agricultural land and wetlands across SD 18 and West Central Minnesota.

I have reported that Rep. Dean Urdahl has met with Eden Valley officials and people in Eden Valley about the pipeline.

The SC Times has a story today about Eden Valley officials concerns.

Eden Valley officials worry that, if conditions are right and if there is an oil leak, oil would run into town, damaging property and wreaking havoc along the waterway and in connecting lakes and rivers.

"The potential to destroy Eden Valley is immense," City Council member Pete Korman said. "It's kinda scary when you think about it."

What would 134,000 gallons of oil do to Eden Valley? The spill in Little Falls Minnesota this past summer, will continue to impact the environment for decades to come.

City officials should genuinely concerned about the damage this pipeline can do.

More to follow on what our locally elected leaders are doing about the pipeline.

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