Friday, March 30, 2007

Local Soldier's opinon on Iraq: SC Times LTE

Good letter, I am sure that the neo-cons on Story Chat are ripping this guy to shreds.
Troops and the people are not given a concrete reason as to why we are in this war, and that is for one reason — it makes no sense.

The one clear mission in Iraq was get rid of Saddam Hussein. We did that; mission accomplished, pull out. Now I know everyone will think this is just the opinion of one Marine off doing his duty.

However, the other day after a field op, our unit's sergeant major pulled us together, and an overall consensus was made that no one understood why we were still in Iraq, including our top enlisted who agrees; if Saddam is out, we're out.

Now if certain people in the White House want to make the call and not listen to their military leaders, then it is our job to speak out and make sure that something is changed, and that we quit losing the lives of the valuable men and women in the armed forces, who are fighting a battle we don't belong in anymore.

Good letter, thanks for your service!

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