Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Michele Bachmann makes Wonkette...again

Oh my! I laughed pretty hard here. Looks like Heidi Frederickson, Press Secretary for Congresswoman Bachmann, is attempting to spin how Bachmann looks in the local media.

Go and read what Wonkette uncovered, but here is Wonkette's response to Frederickson's email.

Dear Minneapolis “Red” Star and Tribune et al,

We are writing today because we love congresswoman Michele Bachmann. And because she has been getting a raw deal from libtard jerks like you in the biased “main stream media.”

Here is the other side of the story:

Michele Bachmann is committed to men and women in uniform — she has offered to buy and raise all their children while they’re serving overseas.

She’s a strong fiscal conservative — her foster children are allowed to eat only what they can take or scavenge from her real kids.

Her first piece of legislation: the federal adopt-one-get-one-free rule.

In a stunning neo-feminist critique of the regressive sexual politics of the Clinton presidency, the current President was sexually assaulted by her.

She has 600 kids.

Seriously, a lot of fucking kids.

Any other topic that will share the real Michele Bachmann with other Minnesotans who don’t know her personally.

Thank you for your consideration of this important topic. Please write an article about this ASAP, as she’s got an appointment with the House ethics committee and will need all the good press she can get.


Out-frickin-standing work.

The comments on the Bachmann LTE are of the high Wonkette snarkiness standards too!

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lloydletta said...

Those comments were a hoot.