Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Minnesota Republican Watch and Marty Seifert

Truth be told, I have never had a beef with Rep Seifert. Everytime we came to lobby him on behalf of our college students, he was responsive and supportive.

Unfortunately, the axiom "absolute power corrupts absolutely" would appear to be in order now with regards to statements made by the new House minority leader.

Minnesota Republican Watch has a post up about Seifert's latest rant with DFL and Local Media reactions.

From the DFL email
Both Republicans and Democrats got the message. A few days after the election,
Senator Geoff Michel, an assistant Republican leader in the Senate, announced
publicly that “I think the politics of wedge issues has proven to be a loser.”
And House Speaker-designate Margaret Anderson Kelliher took the unusual step of
naming Representative Ron Erhardt, a Republican, to her leadership team as the
Transportation Finance Division vice-chair.

Great work guys! I hope others get the message as well.

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