Friday, March 23, 2007

More Bachmann LTE madness

Jeff Fecke has a post up at Blog of the Moderate Left. Crossposted at Minnesota Monitor as well.

Not sure what kicking a puppy feels like Jeff, but you are right, this is getting too easy.

So the son of Bachmann's director of constituent services is the LTE writer?
I never can recall a local politician who has been scrutinized as much as
this individual.

I never can recall a local politician who has embarrassed their constituents so much. Hmmm, perhaps if she had not groped the President or given erroneous statements about the secret Iranian plans, she would not be as scrutinized?

At least Ben Harper was able to cut and paste some info from the infamous Frederickson email.

1) Talk about Michele as a mother (5 biological, 23 foster kids) and wife. Her devotion to her family and making Minnesota a better place.

From a little background information, I've learned that this congresswoman is
not only working on behalf of her constituents, but she is a mother of five
biological children and 23 foster children.


Ben, do they teach you to cite your sources at St Johns? That's right, that's Mark Kennedy's alma mater...

Anyway, two LTE's have come since the Frederickson email, one from a Minnesota Senate Republican Caucus employee and now the son of one of Bachmann's employee's.

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