Thursday, March 01, 2007

More Generals to get relieved of command?

Senator Claire McCaskill has called for the resignation of the Army's Surgeon General, Kevin Kiley.

“It’s clear that General Kiley, the surgeon general at the Army, knew about the
conditions at Building 18,” McCaskill said. “The irony of this situation is
General [George] Weightman stepped up. He’s only been there a year.”

Kiley has stepped into replace Weightman.

You may also recall that Kiley was the only Army officer to come out hard against the media on this issue.

Lt. Gen. Kevin Kiley, who was somewhat defensive about the stories on Walter Reed while leading a tour for reporters Thursday.

"While we have some issues here, this is not a horrific, catastrophic failure at Walter Reed," Kiley said. "I mean these are not good but you saw rooms that look perfectly acceptable, you saw the dayrooms with the pool tables and plasma screen TVs, and we're working everyday to make those rooms better."


Kevin Kiley, chief of the Army Medical Command, on Thursday during a news
conference said that a Washington Post series documenting problems at Walter Reed Army Medical Center presented an unfair characterization of the living conditions and health care services for soldiers being treated at the hospital's facilities, the Washington Post reports. "I'm not sure it was an accurate representation," Kiley said (Vogel, Washington Post, 2/23).

Of course he's defensive, this stuff, his fingerprints are all over this scandal.

Perhaps he's defensive because he knew about this all along?

Veterans groups report that they informed the General of these conditions months beforehand.
At a meeting last Dec. 20, a group of veterans advocates informed Lt. Gen. Kevin
Kiley, former commander of Walter Reed Army Medical Center and now the Army
surgeon general, that soldiers returning from Iraq were routinely struggling for
outpatient treatment and getting tangled in the military's byzantine disability
compensation system -- and that their families were suffering along with them.

It's not the scandal that gets em, it's the coverup. Conditions could not have deteriorated so much in a year to create these problems.

Besides, it's not about the plasma TV's in the dayrooms. It's really not even about mice and mold.

It's about making sure our Veterans are given the proper care.

It's about breaking down a bureaucracy so that soldiers and Veterans alike can move efficiently through a system.

It's about fighting as hard for Veterans funding as we do for Iraq "surge" funding.

It's about holding those that abuse their power and our Veterans, accountable for their actions.

It's about time we truly work for those that have served.

Kiley needs to be fired ASAP!

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Sis B said...

I posted something similar to this today. I hope he gets canned!