Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Norm Coleman and Walter Reed

MN Blue has a great post up about Norm's "response".
"We've obviously got to do a better job with mental health services," Coleman said. But he disagreed that the Bush Administration is to blame and specifically rejected the idea that VA funding has been inadequate, saying overall funding for veterans has risen substantially.

"The dollars have been there," Coleman said. "I think there have been some human errors."

Hundreds of abused soldiers at Walter Reed is not human error. Hundreds of abused soldiers at Fort Stewart, Georgia is not human error. Hundreds of soldiers abused at Fort Know is not human error. It's a systemic failure of the Veterans Adminstration and Army hospitals. Dollars can't fix accountability. You have to hold people accountable. Bold concept I know, but we must hold those in charge accountable.

MN Blue also points out the Norm Coleman voting record on Veterans issues.


What infuriates me more though, was that Coleman and the neo-con Bush folk had the audacity to attack Senator Wellstone on HIS support for Veterans.

Great work, we'll keep digging on Norm's record.

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