Thursday, March 15, 2007

Soldiers speak out on the Walter Reed Scandal

From the Army Times

Col. Cloyd B. Gatrell (ret.), Carlisle, Pa. says:
What is disappointing is the knee-jerk reaction of the secretary of defense and the Army leadership to the media frenzy before ascertaining the facts and events that led to the current situation.

He is a staunch defender of General Kiley.

Lt. Col. Charles W. Treese (ret.), Colorado Springs, Colo. says:
I was not surprised by the defensive “It is all the media’s fault” attitude.
Further, the actions taken against those responsible parties were much too little, much too late and much too shallow. All of those who were even remotely connected with this fiasco must be relieved of their duties.

Sgt. Maj. Don Purvis (ret.), Everett, Wash. says:

Why didn’t these leaders see the problems long before reporters? Why weren’t
these leaders aware of all the problems the patients were having?

Commanders are being held responsible for the problems, and well they should be. However, the command sergeants major in the Medical Hold Unit at Walter Reed Army Medical Center must take a share of that responsibility.

Indeed SGM, no word on Senior enlisted soldiers being relieved.

There were more letters as well, some shifted the blame to House Democrats in the 1970's 80's and 90's for what is happening at Walter Reed in 2007. Nice...

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DAV said...

When I blew out my ankle in the Peace Corps they medevaced me back to DC. My uncle, who is a Colonol in the AF freaked out. He went on a tirade about how terrible WR was. When it was discovered that they would send me to a priavte PT we were all relieved.