Thursday, March 01, 2007

Some real accountability

The Army announced today that Maj. Gen. George W. Weightman was relieved of command at Walter Reed Army Hospital as well as a regional medical command.

The Secretary of Defense stepped up with some remarks. Donald Rumsfeld would not have said this.
"The care and welfare of our wounded men and women in uniform demand the highest standard of excellence and commitment that we can muster as a government," Gates said. "When this standard is not met, I will insist on swift and direct corrective action and, where appropriate, accountability up the chain of

I think it's a good start. I hope it is followed up with a permanent focus on increased access to benefits and a more efficient process for delivery of these benefits.

Let's see if the media blackout is now lifted or if soldiers will be punished for continuing to whistle blow.

Does it ruin his career though. Not really. He's a frickin two star General. It's not like a young squad leader getting relieved because one of his soldiers got frostbite in Korea. It's a a good start though, but we will remain vigilant.

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