Saturday, March 03, 2007

Startribune Blog House: Bachmann edition

The Startribune Blog House is very good today.

Lutefisk Liberal has done a great job covering these issues! Check them out here!

"Michele Bachmann speaks the truth," blogged Lutelib at Lutefisk Liberal. "Iran
doesn't just need its own crazy, messed up country, it wants someplace new ...
like a hostile part of Iraq. ... This is the smoking gun that we needed going
into Iraq: Bachmann. Now let's redeploy some troops, take some troops out of
Afghanistan, spend some more trillions and get in there! Let's spread the good
news ... about freedom! 'Curses! If only Minnesota hadn't sent that infidel
Bachmann to DC!' Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is probably saying, as he rips up his plans
for a new Iraq-Iran War."

Publius is equally as good!

Matt at MnPublius doesn't find the whole situation funny. "If Iran really does
have a plan that she knows of, it is of obvious importance that she clarify and
back up those claims. After all, I think this is something we should do
something about if true. But [if], as multiple experts on the region seem to
conclude, her plan is just smoke and mirrors, she owes a very serious apology to
Americans nationwide and, more importantly, our troops in the Middle East. This
whole series of strange statements begs the question: Is Michele Bachmann ready
for the spotlight?"

Huffington's post was just soild! Wokette still thinks their family has a blackberry addiction though.

Lizz Winstead explained on the Huffington Post the flaw in Bachmann's theory.
"Michele, honey, write this on your hand so you can reference it during
interviews from now on: Iran -- Shia, Western Iraq -- Sunni. Michele, if only
you had brought a map of Iraq with you on your trip to crazy town, maybe you
would have seen that: A. A big part of western Iraq is a fun little area called
'The Sunni Triangle.' I'm certainly no scholar in Islamic relations but I may
have read somewhere about some disagreements the Sunni are having with the Shia,
which leads me to believe the Sunni wouldn't be that cool with giving up Anbar
for a Shia Killing Club. And Michele hon, ya kinda overlooked this part: B.
Given that Syria (70% Sunni) is Iraq's neighbor to the west, it doesn't seem
they would be that psyched about a Shia terrorist training camp on their border
either. And Michele, here's where the map REALLY woulda come in handy for ya in
that interview: C: Let's say you were Iran. And Michele, I am NOT saying you are
Iran, you have a much sunnier disposition and way better outfits. But, if you
were Iran and had worked out some deal to take part of Iraq to start up a big
terrorist training expo, wouldn't you take THE PART OF THE COUNTRY THAT BORDERS YOURS!!! ... Oh Michele, you could have saved yourself all the backpedaling and clarifying if you had quit your daydreaming in Congress and stopped doodling hearts and G.W.'s all over your Iran homework. Congress isn't just one big party, you have to learn stuff too."

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