Monday, March 19, 2007

Walter Reed maintenance woes

As you may recall, Ann Coulter came out recently and laid blame directly at the feet of Democrats, for the horrific conditions at Walter Reed.

Seems a Republican controlled Congress and the Pentagon are actually to blame.

From Raw Story
An Army contract to privatize maintenance at Walter Reed Medical Center was
delayed more than three years amid bureaucratic bickering and legal squabbles
that led to staff shortages and a hospital in disarray just as the number of severely wounded soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan was rising rapidly.

Documents from the investigative and auditing arm of Congress map a trail of bid, rebid, protests and appeals between 2003, when Walter Reed was first selected for outsourcing, and 2006, when a five-year, $120 million contract was finally awarded.

The disputes involved hospital management, the Pentagon, Congress and IAP Worldwide Services Inc., a company with powerful political connections and the only private bidder to handle maintenance, security, public works and management of military personnel.

While medical care was not directly affected, needed repairs went undone as the staff shrank from almost 300 to less than 50 in the last year and hospital officials were unable to find enough skilled replacements.

So, either Ann Coulter:

A. Chose to not discuss the GOP antics behind the conditions at Walter Reed.
B. Is not skilled enough in her research abilities to find out about privatization at Walter Reed.
C. Right wing hack.
D. All of the above.

The answer is D ladies and gentlemen, one notch above the Bush Administrations grade after 4 years of the Iraq debacle.

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