Friday, March 23, 2007

Wonkette loves my Congresswoman!

They cite the Minnesota Monitor story as well.

Very good work, Ben! Your mom, Bachmann’s director of constituent services, must be so proud of you. Or maybe not, considering the 99% likelihood that she wrote it.

We are going to start writing letters to the St. Cloud Times, because those idiots will apparently print anything.

Nice work indeed Wonkette! I love the comments section too.

Hey gang, the kid's just got limited recall. Lots of folks suffer from that. Of course most of them are over 70, but the 19 year old does live in Saint Cloud the home of political retards. I am not at all surprised that some of them have made it onto the local paper's editorial staff.
And tell his mom/editor/ghost writer that "I never can recall" should be "I can't recall". The "never" placed where he has it means there are indeed local politicians that have been scrutinized as severely as Michelle B, but whenever the kid tries to come up with their names he draws a blank.
I doubt that's what he or his mom meant to say.

Keep checking the comments section...I am sure it will get better!

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