Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A Bachmann smokescreen: A pro-Michele LTE in the St Cloud Times

Feeding off the fervor created by Congresswoman Bachmann and the 3 worst hours in the history of radio (which includes many Twins games from the mid 1990"s), a stupendous LTE appeared in the St Cloud Times from one of the only Bachmann crazy groups that did not get air time during the 3 hour fest.

It's an anti-labor LTE.

Phil Kerpen from Americans for Prosperity Foundation strongly supports the Congresswoman's vote against working class Americans and unions across the nation.

He even pokes fun at the name of the bill she voted against.

The bill she voted against has a sublimely misleading name — the Employee Free
Choice Act.

The Employee Free Choice Act passed the House 241-185.

Well, lets take a long hard look at what the Americans for Prosperity Foundation really is.

Looking at the issues scroll on the side, you see this organizations #1 priority.

The Taxpayers Bill of Rights (TABOR) would appear to be the top priority of this organization. It now has become clear as to why Mr. Kerpen had to come to Bachmann's defense. Bachmann is one of the strongest proponents for TABOR.

I have talked about this a few times here, but TABOR in Colorado has nearly destroyed the public higher education system.

Opponents argue that the lack of tax revenue has hurt Colorado in many ways. For
instance, Colorado ranks 47th in the nation for higher education funding (per
personal income level), which is the lowest in 40 years, representing a drop
from 34th in 1992. In another example, Colorado now ranks 44th in what it spends
to repair its roads. Opponents claim that it is because of this that the
percentage of Colorado’s roads in "poor" condition stands at 73 percent,
declining dramatically since TABOR was enacted.

Oh great! Not only do we have higher education issues in Minnesota, but transportation issues as well.

But the LTE was geared towards issues in labor. If you scroll the top of the AfP page to issues, you will see labor near the bottom.

But when you click on labor, there is nothing there!

If this were an issue of such significance for AfP, why do they not have info opposing this bill in the labor button?

So, when will a genuine LTE appear in a local newspaper?

One not from one of Bachmann's strongest corporate supporters.

One not from a Bachmann employed son.

One not from an employee of the Minnesota Senate Republican Caucus.

Keep your eyes open to Americans for Prosperity, which we will have to say is a seriously misleading name.

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deadissue.com said...

I'll be linking to this within the next week. These are my favorite blog posts, when citizens take the information available to everyone and connect the dots.

Great job with sniffing this out! The ridiculous thing about all this is that Republicans are on the one hand continuing to drink the kool-aid on unions and minimum wage, yet point the finger at our trade partners for what's going wrong in our manufacturing sector.

Snake eating it's tail!