Friday, April 13, 2007

Dissention in the ranks? Minnesota Republican Chair edition

Residual Forces is following the forthcoming race for the chair position in the Minnesota Republican Party.

AAA posts a letter from a local GOP BPOU member, Russ Goldstein.

Why wasn’t Pawlenty called on the carpet when he reneged on his NO TAX
INCREASES pledge? He raised the Cigarette Tax (The word is out…people
aren’t dumb…impact fees are taxes).

Why weren’t Pawlenty and all the RINOs that voted for the Twins Stadium
sent to the Principals Office for violating state law that requires a referendum?

Why weren’t Rep. Severson and Sen. Dille body slammed for co-authoring a state wide smoking ban? This ban does more to hurt small businesses than some tax increases (please don’t take that as an invite for tax increases). And the worst part is that the small business owners whom these two have betrayed most likely supported them and voted for them.

Russ is dead on about how many in the Minnesota Republican Party have forgotten or rejected their conservative ways.

Lets be honest, the party, Democrat or Republican, has a difficult time in telling an elected leader to abide by its platform 100% of the time. Senator Dille has gotten no money from the GOP in years.

My question is where will Congresswoman Bachmann and Congressman Kline come out in the party chair discussions?

How about Senator Coleman?

AAA posts the info on Joe Repya. I wonder if he will create "Liberate Conservative" signs?

Highlights that caught my eye included his offer to cut the salary of the chair by 50% and his Camp Reagan idea. Wow, I guess the highest form of respect is to copy what Paul Wellstone's people did.

AAA liveblogged the Repya press conference at the capitol this past week.

Eric Escala always asks the best questions!

Q: Any criticisms of Carey?
A: 11th Commandment. Carey’s record stands for itself. We’re gonna be a
better party after June 9th.

Q: Source of morale problem
A: lackluster leadership.

Q: MN problem?
A: Only speaks for MN. 2 dismal elections in a row, because they have been
on their heels.

AAA puts together all the local media hits on the race.

It would appear as though a pretty heated contest is coming forth in the race for the Minnesota GOP Chair. Repya is building his base amongst disenfranchised conservatives. In a statewide race, that would not bode well for Repya. In a setting of party delegates and party insiders, that may be just enough.

We'll keep following Andy's work over at Residual Forces on this race...

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