Sunday, April 01, 2007

Great question at Dump Bachmann

We've seen the neo-con blogs all respond to the possibility of Joe Repya as Minnesota Republican Party Chair, unseating Ron Carey.

Recall that Repya was the man touting the "Liberate Iraq" signs before and during this most recent conflict with Iraq.

Some bloggers are in support of Mr. Repya. It appears that more are in support of the embattled GOP leader, Carey.

Lloydletta asks the big question.

Where does Michele Bachmann stand on this issue?

John Kline?

Will they "toe the line" and embrace the embattled GOP leader?

Will they turn their backs on the man who has helped get them elected?

Regardless, it will be interesting to see the GOP bloggers opine on this as it works itself out.

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lloydletta said...

I hit a nerve with that one. I wouldn't put it past Michele Bachmann to tell both candidates she supports them. Remember her stunt at Paul Koering's convention.